The Battle of the Fives Armies

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[Warning – spoilers for the last Hobbit movie! ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’]


At the end of the last film, we saw Smaug flying away to kill the people in the neighbouring towns.


As this movie begins, we see him arriving at the town and attempting to set everything on fire. Fortunately he is soon killed by the brave men in the town and they are free again. The dwarves that stayed behind in the town now set off to find the rest of their Company.


At this time, Gandalf is still being held prisoner by the Necromancer. Galadriel and Radagast rescue him, while Elrond and Saruman protect the little group from the terrible Nazguls. After this, they start to go to Lonely Mountain. Unfortunately, the orcs are also on their way to Lonely Mountain.


Soon, all the armies are massing at Lonely Mountain. Thorin has become obsessed with Smaug’s treasure and refuses to share it with anyone, even the townspeople he promised it to. Bilbo smuggles the Arkenstone out to Gandalf. Soon after, the battles begin. The orcs attack and a new dwarf army is there to fight it. Fortunately Thorin comes out of his madness and his group join the battle.


The battle rages on for some time, with many of the Dwarves being killed. Bilbo and Gandalf survive, as does Legolas. When the battle is done they return to the Shire, where Bilbo goes back to return to his normal life. He keeps the ring, and though Gandalf knows about it, he does not know the effect it will have and they part on good terms.

The Desolation of Smaug (Part 2 of 2)

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When Bilbo appears in the cell chamber of the Elven court, it is a big moment for the party. He helps them escape in empty wine barrels which they float down the river. However, they are ambushed by the orc hunting party. The Elves cut the orcs off, but not before Kili is injured by an arrow.


They make it to a nearby town and convince the local ruler to help them on their quest by offering to share the riches they get back with him. He is a greedy man so agrees to this. Fives of the dwarves stay, including Kili, as he is not well enough to keep travelling and the others do not want to leave him.


While all this is going on, we finally find out what is happening with Gandalf. He has arrived at the High Fells, a deserted and extremely dangerous place. He is surprised by the appearance of Radagast. They realise that the Nazgul, the dangerous servants of Sauron, have escaped from this place where they were meant to be imprisoned.


Radagast leaves to warn the Elves, and Gandalf goes back inside. The enchantment of the place falls away and he is surprised by an orc army. Gandalf nearly escapes but the Necromancer – Sauron – appears and pins him to a wall. The Orc army then starts marching to Lonely Mountain, where the Company of Dwarves and Bilbo are also headed.


At this time, the Company are arriving at the Mountain. They discover a secret entry, and Thorin reveals that he wants Bilbo to sneak into Smaug’s lair and steal the Arkenstone without being detected. Bilbo sneaks into the chamber but accidentally wakes Smaug up. He comes out of hiding, taking off the ring to talk to Smaug. Soon, however, Smaug decides to stop talking and tries to kill Bilbo.


The dwarves decide they have to save Bilbo, so they rush in. It only makes Smaug angrier, and soon they are playing cat and mouse throughout the labyrinth inside the mountain. The Dwarves nearly stop Smaug by pouring molten gold all over him, but he survives, and realising that people in the nearby towns must have helped them, he flies off to destroy them.


The Desolation of Smaug (Part 1 of 2)

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[An overview of the first half of part 2 of the series for those who need a refresher:]


At the beginning of this film, we see that Gandalf has put Thorin Oakenshield up to the task of stealing the Arkenstone from Smaug to reunite the Dwarves. We see the party he took then fleeing from the orcs as occurred at the end of the last film.


Bilbo is doing reconnaissance for the party and sees a giant bear stalking them. He warns them, but not quite soon enough, and the bear charges the group. They all make a mad dash for a nearby house. Gandalf reveals that the house belongs to the bear, who is in fact a shape shifter and might be able to help them when he returns to his human form and clearer mind.


The orcs watch over the house but don’t attack because of the bear. They are then commanded to return to their lord, who sends them on to lead his army elsewhere. The orc leader is unhappy about this but sends another to hunt them down.


Gandalf and the party leave the bear’s house after he gives them advice on how to proceed. Gandalf takes off to do something else, and tells the party to go on through Mirkwood, an enchanted forest. They do, but after days of marching and making no progress, they start to panic. Bilbo climbs a tree to get his bearings, and finds they are nearly out. But when he gets down, he is trapped by a spider, along with all his companions.


In a spurt of bravery, Bilbo attacks the spider that caught him and getting to put on the ring. This allows him to distract the spiders and free his friends. They are nearly beaten by the spiders, but the Elves Legolas and Tauriel appear with a squadron.


They are taken into Elven custody while Bilbo follows behind, still hidden by the ring.

An Unexpected Journey

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[An introduction for those unfamiliar with the canon, now summed up so well in the films:]


Bilbo Baggins, uncle and adventurer extraordinaire, sets out on his 111th birthday to write a history of his amazing journey some 60 years before, so that his nephew Frodo might have a full understanding of his stock.


After some nastiness between the Elves and Dwarves, following Smaug’s hungry quest for gold, Gandalf the Grey decided that the dwarves must have their spoils back, and tricks Bilbo into accompanying the Dwarves to find Smaug.


Drawn into the woods of Greenwood, the party is met by Radagast the Brown, who warns them of a powerful force that is poisoning the forest. After they leave him, the group is attacked by orcs, riding wargs. The party is saved when some Elves appear, who grudgingly take council with the Dwarves and Gandalf.


After this, Gandalf sends the party into the Misty Mountains. After an encounter with three stone giants, it is here that Bilbo nearly gives up on the quest. However, before he can leave, the party is captured by Goblins. Fortunately Gandalf appears to save them, but in the chaos Bilbo is separated from the group.


It is at this fateful moment that he encounters Gollum. He picks up a ring that Gollum dropped while killing a Goblin, and is compelled to put it in his pocket. While Gollum demands that Bilbo give it back, Bilbo wins at a riddle and keeps the ring. He has a chance to kill Gollum but decides not to, feeling sorry for him. He gets away with the ring, getting back to the rest of the party.


They are ambushed again by the hunting party of orcs, and narrowly escape being killed when some Eagles appear and carry them to safety. Just when they think it is all over, Smaug awakens in the distance.